First Contest 10/17/2008

We are going to have our first contest! Most Creative Bloons Pack. I will be the judge, but you can still vote for your favorite pack. Don't just vote for yourself, vote for the one you think is the best for the contest. Do not vote until the poll is out. Make your levels at You must register to make a pack. Post your packs here or on my profile if you want to. The winner will recieve one BP. here is some info about the BP

A Creative Pack is a pack that no one else would make. It is original, and it is fun. It isn't just plain and boring, and it makes you think to actually build the level.

You can earn ranks by winning contests or having lots of forum posts. Fifteen posts is 1 BP. The ranks are called Bloons Points, or BP. Here are the ranks so far for BP.

1 BP- Bronze Monkey
3 BP- Platinum Monkey
4 BP- Gold Monkey
6 BP- Bronze Chimp
7 BP- Platinum Chimp
9 BP- Gold Chimp
11 BP- Bronze Ape
13 BP- Platinum Ape
15 BP- Gold Ape
18 BP-Bronze Lieutenant   
20 BP- Platinum Lieutenant   
23 BP- Gold Lieutenant     
27 BP- Bronze Super Monkey
30 BP- Platinum Super Monkey
35 BP- Gold Super Monkey




Sat, 18 Oct 2008 15:07:10

Here is mine! It is called Bounce King!



Sat, 01 Nov 2008 20:18:35


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